Washington County, Oregon 1900 Federal Census
Two Volume set or CD

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Washington County, Oregon, 1900 US Census, first edition
ISBN 0-954166-1-1, 0-954166-2-X, for TWO volume set
Author:    Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie
Trade Paper Back 8.5 x 14, 250 pages each volume, fully indexed
Item 095416611, 09541662X

See the book cover

Washington County, Oregon, 1900 US Census, first edition
ISBN 0-954166-0-3, Compact Disc containing both volumes (Read Only)
Author:    Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie
fully indexed
Item 095416603

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        These books contain the entire 1900 US Census of Washington County, Oregon on 8.5" by 14" format.  There are over 14,500 people listed as appears in original enumeration along with a fully illustrated map of the county and locations of the Precincts.  Each book contains 248 pages making this a two volume set of 496 pages.

    From the Book:

    The 1900 census was the 12th Census of the United States. The data obtained in this census was a pretty good improvement over the 1880 census. For many researchers, the most notable improvement is the inclusion of the birth month and year of each person. Some census takers went one more step and included the day also. One other valuable addition is the number of years married, and for women with children, the number of children born to that mother and the number still living. Otherwise, the 1900 census is very similar to 1880.

    The 1900 census was taken state by state, and county by county, and township by township. In 1900, the records were left in the original order the census taker visited each household, which is very useful to determine who a persons neighbors were. If you see three Wright families listed side by side, you can reasonably assume they are somehow related. Of course there are always cases where they appear to be "side by side," but were not close together at all, depending on how the census taker visited houses.

    You can determine an approximate marriage year for a married couple listed in the 1900 census. The census was taken as of 1 June 1900, so you can narrow a person approximate marriage date down to within two calendar years. If they were listed as married for 11 years in 1900, they were either married in mid to late 1888, or early to mid 1889. It should be mentioned that the marriage years given in 1900 and other census records are not always correct. This all depends on who gave the census taker the information. There are a couple of excellent products that can be very helpful with census research. I have most of these and highly recommend them:

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